Ultimate embedding in Drupal 8 with Entity Embed and Url Embed

by Marcos Cano

Fecha: Sábado 01 de julio
Lugar: Citilab, Aula C
Horario: 15:00 a 16:00

Embedding media assets (images, videos, etc) in a WYSIWYG text is a long-standing problem that was dealt with in Drupal 7 in many different (and sometimes competing) ways. Drupal 8 core comes with a very basic support for embedding images out-of-the-box, but websites nowadays need to go beyond that and provide editors with a powerful tool capable of handling any type of local or remote media assets.

This is where the Entity Embed + Url Embed modules come to play. They were designed to be a standardized solution for embedding any entity or remote URL content in any WYSIWYG area in Drupal 8.

In this session we will cover the architecture of these modules, benefits of having a unified solution, how to configure them, and possible integrations with other modules of the media ecosystem, such as “Media Entity” or “Entity Browser”.

Although not mandatory, people attending this session are expected to have basic site-building experience with Drupal 8, which will allow them to follow the demos and configuration steps more easily.