Better dependency management - leverage composer to the limit

by Rodrigo Aguilera

Fecha: Sábado 01 de julio
Lugar: Citilab, Aula C
Horario: 13:00 a 14:00

Drush make days are over. Drupal in its effort to “get off the island” has adopted a new but popular tool for dependency management in the PHP ecosystem: composer.

I will go through the basics of how to use this tool quickly and some interesting features like caching, semantic versioning, class autoloading, etc.

Then I will follow with the main ways I found to leverage composer and do more with it:

  • Scaffold your Drupal project (initializing) with the drupal composer project.
  • Apply patches from the community to Drupal core, modules, themes, libraries, etc.
  • Differentiate dependencies for development from the rest.
  • Get exact same version of libraries for all developers.
  • Download frontend libraries.
  • Download compiled binary tools for the architecture of your machine.

And if the time allows it we can open a discussion about good practices and tricks to make our composer experience better.